How to Adjust the Headlights in a Ford Focus

by Editorial Team

Ford recommends you take your Ford Focus to an authorized service station any time you need to adjust the headlights. While a service station uses optical-beam setting equipment to level your headlights, you can make minor adjustments at home with the help of Torx tool head or an Allen wrench.

Step 1

Unload any extra cargo you don't carry in your Ford Focus on a daily basis. Inflate the tires to the proper air pressure and replicate any other normal conditions for your daily driving.

Step 2

Park the car (with the emergency brake dispensed) on a level surface 5 to 10 feet away from a wall or garage door. Turn on your headlights and locate the center of the trajectory path on the wall. Mark the center point for each headlight on the wall with masking tape.

Step 3

Put your Ford Focus in reverse and back up to a distance of 25 feet from the wall. Park the car, set your emergency break and turn off the engine. Bounce the car gently to settle the suspension.

Step 4

Pop the hood and locate the headlight aim-turn screws. Ford locates these on top of the headlight unit. If your model has a leveling motor for the horizontal aim, you'll find it located on the surround trim.

Step 5

Use a Torx tool head or an Allen wrench to turn the screws. Keep an eye on the marks and adjust until the trajectory hits the mark. You want the low beam to be within a 2-inch variance and the high beam to center on the mark. Adjust each headlight individually.

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