Ford F-150 Wheel Alignment Specs

by Natalie Lyda
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The F-150 is a popular light duty pickup truck produced by the Ford Motor company as a part of its "F series" line-up. Available in both two and four-wheel drive models, alignment specs for F-150 pickups vary slightly based on the drive train configuration and model year. The specifications contained within this article are specific to the 2009 Ford F-150 4x2 pickup, but the variance range is acceptable for most late model F-150 trucks.


Ford pickups allow for cross caster, meaning the specifications for the right and left front wheel are different to compensate for road crown. The 2009 Ford F-150 right front wheel caster specification is 4.3 degrees. The left front wheel caster specification is 3.9 degrees and an acceptable variable of plus or minus one degree is indicated for each wheel.


Camber specifications for the 2009 Ford F-150 also indicate a cross tolerance. The left front wheel camber is specified at 0.2 degrees, while the right front wheel camber should ideally be at 0.4 degrees. There is an allowable variance of plus or minus 0.75 degrees per wheel.


The front toe on 2009 Ford F-150, two-wheel drive pickup trucks ideally should be aligned to a specification of 0.1 degrees, plus or minus 0.1 degree of variance. Toe determines if the wheels of a vehicle sit exactly parallel to one another, and can greatly affect tire edge wear if not properly aligned.

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