How to Adjust Chevy Blazer Headlights

by Sarah Coennen
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Chevy Blazers have square-shaped headlights that can sometimes turn sideways, up or down through the years, making it hard to see the road clearly enough for nighttime driving. The headlights must then be adjusted so that they are aimed at the road and provide excellent visibility. The headlights in different models of Chevy Blazers differ slightly, so refer to your user's manual for the specifics on your model.

Step 1

Find a wall or a garage door that is a light color and blank. Brick walls will not work.

Step 2

Face your Chevy Blazer's headlights toward the wall. Get the Blazer really close.

Step 3

Use masking tape to mark the horizontal and vertical lines that meet at the middle of the headlight as a target to aim for.

Step 4

Find the adjusting screws. They are located on the sides of the headlights, and there will be a horizontal and vertical screw.

Step 5

Back the Blazer up 20 to 30 feet.

Step 6

Wait until it's dark and turn the lights on the low beams.

Step 7

Turn each adjusting screw until the brightest point of the low beams is shining right below the horizontal line on the garage door or wall.

Step 8

Switch to the high beams. The brightest point should hit right on the horizontal line and the middle of the beam should be lined right up right with the vertical strip of tape. If not, use the adjusting screws and a screwdriver to adjust them.

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