How to Adjust the Headlights in a Nissan Sentra

by Editorial Team

While you can probably drive your Nissan Sentra without ever adjusting the headlights, Nissan recommends that you check the aim and adjust your headlights every 12 months or any time you replace a bulb or work on the front end.

Step 1

Put weight in the driver's seat to compensate for the lack of a driver. You should have at least a half-full tank of gas and the proper air pressure in your tires.

Step 2

Position the car on a level surface 25 feet from a wall that is at least as wide as the car.

Step 3

Get the measurement from the center of each headlight, or the aim dot, to the ground. Transfer these to the wall using pieces of masking tape.

Step 4

Determine the location for your adjustment screws. Most models of the Nissan Sentra have adjustment screws on the headlight assembly. You may need to remove cover plugs or access the screws through holes.

Step 5

Check the aim for your low beam headlights against the marks on the wall before you test the high beam lights. The adjustment screws control the headlight angle regardless of which setting the lights use, but you may find you can't center both settings.

Step 6

Use a Phillips or Torx screwdriver to twist the screws. Ideally, you want the highest intensity zone-the brightest part of the light, not the high beams-to be slightly lower and to the right of the marks.

Step 7

Consider having a reputable repair shop check your work to prevent a ticket. Most states have restrictions regarding the angle of your headlights.

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