How to Adjust the Headlights in a Dodge Caravan

by Editorial Team

Most headlight adjustment changes the direction of the headlights. If your Dodge Caravan seems to illuminate the trees or the driver of an oncoming car, you know it's time to make an adjustment. You should adjust the headlights of your Dodge Caravan every time you change the light bulb or at a minimum of once every year.

Step 1

Find a level surface with a wall close by and park your Dodge Caravan 25 feet away from the wall. For optimal results, check that the air pressure in the tires matches the level you typically drive at. You also want to remove any additional cargo from the car.

Step 2

Locate the vertical and horizontal adjustments screws near the headlight. You may need to remove the bezel to see the screws. Make sure you don't confuse the mounting screws for the adjustment screws. Dodge may locate the adjustment screws internally on newer models.

Step 3

Measure from the center of the headlights to the floor and transfer the mark to the wall. You may want to use a piece of masking tape to mark the location. You can also make measurements for the center point of the car to use as a reference.

Step 4

Keep an eye on the wall as you adjust the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. You want the low beam lights to be within a 2-inch variance of the mark. The high beams should be on the exact center of the mark. You need to adjust each headlight independantly.

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