How to Adjust the Headlights in a Chevy Impala

by Editorial Team

The Chevy Impala leaves the plant with the headlights properly aligned to meet your state's laws and regulations. While Chevrolet recommends you leave the headlight adjustment on your Chevy Impala to a certified repair shop, any do-it-yourself fan can adjust the headlights.

Step 1

Prepare your Chevy Impala so it matches your normal operating standards. Whether you carry 15 tons of extra weight in your trunk or you drive with your tires slightly over-inflated, you want to match the driving conditions you typically experience.

Step 2

Park the car on a level surface 10 to 15 feet away from a flat screen or wall. Turn on the headlights and check the trajectory on the flat surface. The headlights need to angle slightly down so you don't blind oncoming drivers.

Step 3

Pop the hood and locate the adjustment screw. Unlike other sedans, the Chevy Impala only has vertical adjustment screws. You can find the adjustment screws near the headlight assembly. You may want to remove the air baffle to see the adjustment screws.

Step 4

Turn the vertical adjustment screw until the trajectory path hits the flat surface in the appropriate area. If you can't get the screws to turn with a Phillips screwdriver, Allen wrench or Torx set, gently turn the screws with a pair of pliers.

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