How to Adjust the Headlights in a Subaru Outback

by Editorial Team

Your headlights should illuminate the road, not the driver in an oncoming vehicle. Whether your lights don't seem bright enough, oncoming cars flash you or you feel the headlights on your Subaru Outback aren't up to par, consider adjusting the trajectory path.

Step 1

Check the aim of the headlights on your Subaru Outback any time you change the bulb or do front end work. If you don't do either of these, check the trajectory path at least once every 12 months. Start with your wagon in normal driving condition with at least a half-full tank of gas. Other factors to consider include normal cargo weight, driver's weight and the air pressure in your tires.

Step 2

Put the wagon in park on a level surface three car lengths (25 feet) from a wall that's at least as wide as the wagon. Set the emergency brake to prevent accidental injury.

Step 3

Measure from the center of each headlight to the ground and transfer the measurements to the wall. Use a bright color of masking tape to improve visibility.

Step 4

Find the adjustment screws. On a Subaru Outback, you should find these on the headlight assembly. You may need to remove cover plugs or access the screws through holes.

Step 5

Begin by testing the aim for your low beam headlights against the marks on the wall. Then test the high beam lights. The adjustment screws control the headlight angle regardless of which setting you use.

Step 6

Determine the best tool to make the adjustment. Typically a Philips or Torx screwdriver works well. You want to move the trajectory path until it is within a 2-inch variance of the marks on the wall.

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