How to Adjust the Headlights in a Pontiac Grand Am

by Editorial Team

Many drivers assume a poorly aimed headlight on a Pontiac Grand Am needs replacement. In actuality, any shade-tree mechanic or do-it-yourself fan can correct the problem. Pontiac recommends that you check the aim at least once every 12 months or any time you do front-end body work or change a headlamp bulb.

Step 1

Inspect your headlight assemblies and make any necessary repairs before you adjust the headlights. You want the car in its normal driving condition with at least a half-full tank of gas, the proper air pressure in your tires and your normal cargo in the car.

Step 2

Park your Pontiac Grand Am next to another Pontiac Grand Am at least 25 feet from the front of a 6-foot high wall. You want a level area. The headlights should face the wall.

Step 3

Determine the type of headlights you have on your car. You can only adjust composite headlights if they bolt to adjuster plates. For dual headlights, look on the headlights for four adjustment screws per side. Sealed beam units have interior adjustment screws under the hood.

Step 4

Locate your adjustment screws. On sealed beam units, you may need to remove the trim screws and pull the trim off to reveal the Torx screws.

Step 5

Begin with you headlights turned on to the low beam. Use a Torx screwdriver for sealed beam units and Phillips screwdrivers for other types of headlights.

Step 6

Adjust your headlights to match the path for the headlights on the other Pontiac Grand Am. When your trajectory path matches the one on the other car, stop adjusting.

Step 7

Consider having an authorized repair shop check your adjustments.

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