How to Aim Honda Civic Headlights

by Christian Killian
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The headlights on your Honda Civic are most efficient when the lights have been aimed for proper light coverage on the road. Adjusting the lights for the longest and widest coverage of light in front of the car will give you the greatest visibility when driving on poorly lit roads or in very low light conditions. It is important to adjust the lights so that they are not shining in the eyes of drivers coming at you as well. You may need to make many small adjustments to get them right, but take your time and it will pay off in the long run.

Step 1

Park the Civic on level ground and verify that the tires are properly inflated by checking the pressure with a tire gauge. Position the car 25 feet from a smooth wall with nothing between the car and the wall.

Step 2

Locate the two adjusters under the hood of the car. They are located on the back of the headlight assembly, one near the radiator support and the other on the outboard side of the headlight assembly.

Step 3

Turn the headlights on and have someone sit in the driver's seat of the car while you make the adjustments to the headlight. The occupant's weight will determine where the car sits as it would when you are driving it so choose someone close to your size. The fuel tank should also be at least half full while aiming.

Step 4

Insert a Phillips head screwdriver into the slot on the plastic fitting of the adjuster near the radiator support to move the headlight assembly up or down. You will need to turn the adjuster and check the light pattern then adjust again until the light falls about 2 inches below the center line of the headlight.

Step 5

Insert the Phillips head screwdriver into the adjuster on the outer edge of the headlight assembly and turn the adjuster to move the headlight assembly left or right as needed. Again, you will need to make adjustments, check the light pattern and readjust until the light is aimed directly in front of the car.

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