How to Aim G6 Headlights

by Dustin Pitan
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The Pontiac G6's usually don't have to be adjusted, as they are preset at the factory before being sold. However, if certain conditions occur, such as an accident or headlight replacement, then it is possible that the headlights will need to be aligned. Pontiac recommends that you take it to a licensed dealership to have this service done, but you can do so at home with minimal fuss.

Step 1

Park the vehicle on a level surface, 25 feet from a flat wall. Make sure the vehicle is parked perpendicular to the wall, and that the G6 is approximately the same weight as when it is operating-- that is, make sure it's not loaded down in the trunk with extra weight, or over the car with snow or mud. The vehicle should have a full tank of gas, and a person that weighs the same as the normal operator of the vehicle, should be in the front seat (usually that is measured at 160 pounds).

Step 2

Find the "aim dot" on the headlight. The aim dot will be a small dot in the center of the headlights. As the headlights for a G6 are broken up into three separate lights in one casing, the aim dot will be in the center of the middle light. Measure the distance from the ground to the aim dot with your measuring tape. Take note of the distance.

Step 3

Measure the same distance from step three, up the face of the flat wall in front of the car. Mark off the height, directly in front of the car, with electrical tape.

Step 4

Open the hood and turn on the low-beam headlights. You will notice that the headlights shine at the wall, and you can determine if they are aligned by where they fall in relation to the tape that you put down in step 3.

Step 5

Find the vertical headlamp aiming screws. They are located on top of each of the headlamp assemblies, under the hood. They will look like screws, but you need to use an allen wrench to adjust them.

Step 6

Turn the vertical aiming screw with the 6 mm hex key. Do so until the beam of the headlamp is below the tape line from step 3. The top edge of the beam should be situated so that it is roughly two inches below the tape mark.

Step 7

Do the same series of steps for the opposite headlight, adjusting it to the proper positioning as well.

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