How to Program a Keyless Remote for a Hyundi Santa Fe

by Matthew Fortuna

Programming a keyless remote for a Hyundai Santa Fe is a process that might cost you around $35 at a dealership or an auto repair store. To save your money and complete the programming yourself within seconds, follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Insert your key into your car's ignition and turn it two clicks to the right, onto the "On" position (or one click short of turning the ignition on).

Step 2

Set the switch on your remote from "Off" to "Set."

Step 3

Press the lock button on your keyless remote and hold it until your car emits a small beep.

Step 4

Turn your key back to the "Off" position and press and hold the lock button on your remote one more time.

Step 5

Replace the switch on your remote from "Set" to "Off" again, remove your key from the ignition and test your remote to see if the programming has worked.

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