How to Program a Homelink Garage Door Opener for a Ford F-150

by Gregory Crews

Programming your Homelink system is similar to programming a universal remote control. The process is just a matter of matching codes from one device to another. The Homelink System provides the user with the means of programming up to three different devices to your car so you don't have to worry about fumbling for remotes.

Step 1

First-time programming will require you to hold the outer two buttons on the Homelink pad. Hold the button until the LED light starts to flash.

Step 2

Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter 1 to 3 inches from the Homelink device. Keep the indicator light in view.

Step 3

Using both hands, you will hold the button on the hand-held transmitter and the trained button on the Homelink device. The light should stay steady if it was programmed correctly.

Step 4

The Homelink may not take the opener if the unit is a "rolling code" garage opener. This step requires a partner to help you program the Homelink to the protected unit. You can reference the garage door opener's instructions to be sure.

Step 5

Located in the back of the garage door opener by the motor head unit is a training button. Color and location may vary according to the manufacturer of the garage door openers. Press the training button on the opener. You will have a 30-second interval to press the trained button on the Homelink system. Press the button a second time to end the process. Some systems may require you press the button a third time. Your garage door opener is now programmed to your Homelink system.

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