How to Program Chevy Keyless Remotes

by Matthew Fortuna

Keyless entry remotes are an option that comes standard on almost all Chevy cars and trucks made in the early 21st century. Keyless entry remotes allow access to doors and trunks on most Chevys, and they allow the user to remotely unlock the doors, sound the panic alarm and, in some cases, even start the engine. These remotes can be programmed without the aid of a professional, saving the money that would be charged at most dealerships.

Enter the Chevy vehicle, and sit in the driver's seat. All of the doors and the trunk should be closed.

Insert your Chevy key into the ignition of your vehicle. Press and hold the door lock switch on the door of the vehicle in the unlock position.

Turn the key from the "Off" position to the "On" position in the ignition while continuing to hold the unlock switch, then turn to "Off" again and "On" again once more. Release the door switch and the locks will automatically cycle to indicate that you are in programming mode.

Press and hold the unlock and lock buttons simultaneously on your Chevy keyless remote for 15 seconds. Release the buttons and your locks will again automatically lock and unlock.

Insert your key into the ignition once again and turn the key to the "On" position to complete the programming sequence.

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