How to Program a GM G6 for Keyless Entry

by Matthew Fortuna
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Keyless entry systems can be found on various GM vehicles, including the Pontiac G6. You can program your remotes yourself in just minutes from your driver's seat, using nothing more than your ignition key and the remote itself. Once programmed, you will be able to access your door locks, panic alarm and trunk release. You can sync as many as four remotes to the system and have them ready to use immediately.

Step 1

Enter your car, close all of the doors behind you and press and hold the "Unlock" switch on the driver's door. Be prepared to hold the tab through the following step.

Step 2

Insert and remove your key from the ignition twice and then insert the key in the ignition a third time.

Step 3

Release the "Unlock" tab on the door and wait for the car to emit a chiming sound.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on your remote for up to 30 seconds, until you hear another chime. This will indicate successful programming and you can remove the key from your ignition.

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