Problems With Car Key Remotes

by Mary Jane

Car key remotes use radio waves to allow you to unlock and lock your car from a distance. While these devices are highly effective and helpful in certain situations, they can create issues as well. The problems often depend on the condition and design of the remote key and its usage.

Battery Life

Car key remotes use batteries to function and can lock you out of your car due to a flat or dying battery. While some car key remotes use the battery only when you press the button, others are sensitive and will use the battery to attempt to lock or unlock the vehicle if something is hovering or slightly pressing the button. This can occur if the car key remote is in a handbag or pocket.

Conditions of Buttons

Car key remotes can stop working if the buttons are not in good condition. Worn buttons may not serve their purpose to send the signals from the remote to the car, preventing the car from unlocking.

Sensitive Remotes

As mentioned above, the battery can drain if the remote keys are pressed when the car key remote is stored in a handbag or pant pocket. Some car key remotes are so sensitive that you do not have to push the button completely for it to send signals to the car. If you are within a specific distance from the car, the device can unlock your vehicle after you have locked it and walked away.

Radio Interference

Radio signals may interfere with your car key remote, If a lot of radio frequencies are in use in the area where your car is parked, and you may not be able to unlock the vehicle from a distance.

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