How to Program the Keyless Entry Remote on a Saab 900

by Lisa Shumaker
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Most Saab 900s produced since 1996 come standard with a key-less entry system that allows you to lock and unlock the car with a key fob. If you replace the battery in the key fob or need to replace a lost key fob, you will need to reprogram the device. Reprogramming, after replacing the battery, takes just a few seconds and can be done yourself while programming a new key fob will take 30 to 60 minutes at a dealership or repair center.

Programming After Battery Replacement

Step 1

Stand near the car and press the "Unlock" button five times in quick succession.

Step 2

Listen for a beep or chirp from the car to signal that you have successfully reprogrammed the fob.

Remove the battery and reinsert it into the fob if the programming wasn't successful. Move closer to the car. Press the "Unlock" button five times again quickly.

Programming a New Fob

Step 1

Verify that you have one working key fob. Without at least one working fob, you will not be able to program additional fobs without replacing the Column Integrated Module (CIM).

Step 2

Visit a repair shop or dealer with a GM Tech II scan tool. Only someone with this device can program a new key fob.

Bring all working keys and fobs when you get the new fob programmed. Any old fobs will be removed from the system at this time and will no longer work. You can have up to four fobs per car.

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