Problems With the Bose 6-disc In-Dash System

by Ana Purna
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The Bose in-dash 6-disc changer system is found in many vehicles as a standard or after market audio accessory. The unit was popular with the Mazda, Nissan/Infinity line, Honda and others in the early 2000s, up to 2005. The unit is designed to allow the driver to choose from among up to six separate music CDs, as well as radio functions. There are several common problems that users have experienced with the Bose 6-disc in-dash system.

Disc Selection Problems

Many of the most common problems with the Bose 6-disc in-dash system affect the users ability to load, eject, and switch between CDs. Often CDs with sticker labels cause these problems, as the label peels back slightly and gets caught in the changer, temporarily disabling the system. Occasionally foreign objects such as coins and paper clips, perhaps used in an attempt to extract a stuck CD, become lodged in the CD changer. These problems can often be solved by using tweezers, if the object is within reach. However, the CD changer must be at least partially disassembled in order to remove the offending object or label.

Display Problems

The Bose 6-disc in-dash system occasionally gives users trouble related to the digital display screen and lighting. Lighting function can fail, rendering it impossible to visually navigate between discs or songs on a disc, although typically the CD player and changer continue to operate without problem. Error messages and codes occasionally appear on the display screen. The "ERROR" message often appears when the problem is related to the disc itself, although the changers ability to properly set and load the disc may also be effected. If a CD is not formatted properly for the Bose system, if it is a DVD or a data CD, or if it contains only mp3 files, your display screen may indicate an error. There are assorted error codes that may display on your Bose 6-disc in-dash system, and these each refer to specific technical problems the system has been designed to recognize. Your owners manual has a section that details each error code and its corresponding solution.

Repairs and Service

When the Bose 6-disc in-dash system has problems, users have several options for fixing it. Bose offers technical support to customers for its products through their website, as well as over the phone. As the 6-disc in-dash system is an older product typically not purchased directly through Bose, however, and Internet support for this unit is not available. Parts for the 6-disc in-dash system are not sold, other than replacement cosmetic features such as the face plate. Used and refurbished 6-disc in-dash units are available on popular auction websites for around $150.

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