How to Make Your Own Decals for Cars

by Curtis Fease
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Since the invention of the automobile, people have been finding ways to make their car look better than other people's. Car graphics and decals have allowed people to express themselves in nearly any way they want. Car decals, however, can sometimes be expensive. With a computer and a product available at many stores, however, you can cheaply make your own decals so your car stands out without putting a hole in your wallet.

Make Your Own Decals for Cars

Step 1

Ensure the sticker paper you've purchased is compatible with your printer---before opening the sticker paper, this way if you've gotten the wrong type, you can exchange it for the right paper. These sticker sheets will usually come in 8.5-by-11 inch pages, which is the same size as the paper you usually use to print.

Step 2

Put regular paper into your printer. This will allow you to test out your design or graphic before printing it out and possibly wasting a piece of sticker paper.

Step 3

Open the software program you've chosen to use for your design. If you want simple text, a program like Microsoft Word will be sufficient. Use Word to type out the slogan you want, resize it and change font, if necessary. If you want a graphic, you will need a program like Photoshop. Open the design that you want for your sticker. Use the text feature to add a slogan to the graphic, if you wish.

Step 4

Print a copy of your design on regular printer paper. If the image is grainy, try making the image smaller, though you may want to find another image. If your logo isn't as big or small as you want, use the program you used to make it to change its size. Continue printing out your logo on regular printer paper until it appears exactly like you want it to on your decal.

Step 5

Read the directions on the sticker paper you purchased. Different brands have different instructions. Follow the exact instructions on the package and print out your design on the sticker paper.

Step 6

Carefully cut out your logo from the sticker paper. Apply the sticker to your car and enjoy.

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