How to Find Out How Much Your Truck Is Worth

by Alicia Bodine

The second you drive your truck off the dealership's lot, it loses value. The longer you own your truck, the less value it has. Some other things including mileage, and condition of the truck will also affect the value of the truck. If you find yourself in need of selling your truck, you will want to know how much it is worth. This will help you price it correctly.

Get out a notebook and record the year, make, and model of your truck. Then write down the mileage on your odometer.

Examine the condition of your truck. Be honest. If your truck has ripped seats, and needs work, it is in fair condition, not good condition.

Head to the library to reference the Kelley Blue Book. You can also do this online. The Kelley Blue Book will accurately tell you how much your truck is worth when you plug all of the information you gathered from steps 1 and 2 into it.

Plug in the year, make, and model of your truck from the drop down menus, or look for it in the actual book.

Decide if you want to know the trade-in value of your truck, private selling value, or the retail value. If you are planning on selling the truck yourself, you would pick private selling value.

Type in your mileage and any special features that your truck may have. You can also follow along the list in the Kelley Blue Book if you are using one at the library.

Choose the condition of your truck. It will either be excellent, good, fair, or poor. You will see the value of your truck listed next to the condition.


  • check You can sell your truck much faster if you print out a copy of the Kelley Blue Book value, and offer the truck for a little less than that amount. Customers will feel like they are getting a good deal, and will snatch it up.
  • check Libraries also have Internet access if you would rather use their computers than look up your truck's value in the actual book.

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