Instructions for the Atwood Water Heater GC6AA 10E

by Kimberly Turtenwald
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Many travel trailers, motor homes and house boats contain water heaters that allow occupants to take advantage of hot water while vacationing. Atwood offers many different models of 6- to 10-gallon water heaters for these purposes. The Atwood GC6AA 10E water heater is a 6-gallon capacity heater that uses both propane gas and electricity to run. This heater can run on either gas or electric. Each time you set up your campsite or go out on your boat, you must start up the heater.

Step 1

Turn on the propane gas tank to allow for the gas to flow to the Atwood GC6AA 10E water heater.

Step 2

Lift the ring on the water heater access panel on the side of the trailer and turn it so it slides through the slot and allows you to remove the cover.

Step 3

Turn the control knob to "Pilot" and hold it there. If you release it, the knob automatically turns back to "On." You need it to stay on "Pilot" at this stage.

Step 4

Hold a match or lighter so the flame is inside the pilot hole until the gas ignites. Hold the control knob on "Pilot" for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Release the control knob so it moves back to "On." If the pilot light goes out, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Step 6

Adjust the water temperature by sliding the temperature selection switch up or down. The farther up it is set, the hotter the water will be.

Step 7

Flip the electric switch on the water heater to "On" if you wish to use the electric back-up.

Step 8

Flip off the electric switch and turn the control knob on the gas pilot to "Off" when you are done using the water heater.

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