How to Start a MerCruiser Engine out of Water

by Jared Curtis
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If your boat is stored on a trailer, you will eventually need to start your MerCruiser engine out of the water. Whether you are getting it ready for a summer of boating, or just fixing a problem, it can be started out of the water with the proper tools. You must have a set of outdrive muffs. These can be purchased at any boating store. Failure to supply water to your engine will cause the impeller to burn out and the engine to overheat.

Step 1

Attach the outdrive muffs to a garden hose.

Step 2

Place the muffs over the vents in the outdrive. There are two vents on each side. Make sure the muffs are completely covering the vents.

Step 3

Turn the water source on.

Step 4

Allow the air pockets to work their way through the muffs. Allow the water to flow through the muffs into the outdrive for 10 seconds before starting the motor.

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