How to Add Water to a Die Hard Battery

by AndreaB

No matter how well-constructed Die Hard batteries are, the lack of proper maintenance will shorten the lifespan. Batteries with removable caps are called "wet cell," and most of them require occasional maintenance. Checking water levels and adding water require a few tools, and most individuals can complete these tasks at home.

Step 1

Remove the battery cables from the battery post with a screwdriver. Allow the battery to cool.

Step 2

Pop the water caps off each cell. Look into the cells to check the liquid or electrolyte levels. Liquid levels are low if the plates inside the cells are not submerged in the water-acid mix.

Step 3

Add distilled water to the battery cells if the levels are below the top of the plates. Fill the cells until the water level is back up to the liquid mark indicated by the battery manufacturer.

Step 4

Replace the water caps on each cell. Press the caps firmly into place, making sure they are well-seated.

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