How to Read the Date on a Delco Battery

by William Pullman

AC Delco manufactures car batteries for automobiles. The batteries come with a warranty that guarantees their operation for an amount of time after the date of manufacture. To help you figure out if your battery is still under warranty, AC Delco prints the date of manufacture on the battery. The string of characters used to determine the date are different than the standard way of writing dates, and you will need to decipher the string to know the date.

Step 1

Locate the battery in the engine compartment and determine if you can read the label on the top of the of the battery. The label might be obscured by engine oil or grease.

Step 2

Wipe off the label with the rag if it is covered in grease. If the grease does not come off with the rag, spray a small amount of engine degreaser on the rag and wipe off the label.

Step 3

Read the label for the battery date. The date is preceded by either a P or S, the next two numbers indicate the month and the third number indicates the year. An example would be S 119, which means the battery was manufactured in November 2009.

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