How to Replace a Sorento Alternator

by John RoseUpdated June 23, 2023

The alternator on the Kia Sorento is responsible for generating and distributing electricity to the accessories, such as the heater and the lights. When it goes bad, the vehicle will not run. Many people believe that the battery powers the accessories, but that is true only when the engine is not running. If the vehicle is running and the alternator malfunctions, you don't have much time before the accessories completely drain the battery. At the first indication that the alternator is going bad, you need to replace it.

Things You Will Need

  • Socket set
  • Wrench set

1. Lift the hood and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery

Lift the hood of the Kia Sorento and prop it open. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery using a wrench to loosen the nut.

Always disconnect the battery or you will put yourself at risk of electric shock.

2. Remove the accessory belt

Loosen the generator tensioner with a wrench and remove the accessory belt.

3. Pull out the alternator

Remove the alternator mounting bolts using a socket and ratchet. Pull the alternator out of the Sorento.

4. Install the new alternator

Put the new alternator on the engine and tighten the mounting bolts with the socket and ratchet.

5. Reposition the accessory belt

Position the accessory belt on the alternator. Tighten the belt by tightening the tensioner bolt with a wrench.

6. Reconnect the battery

Reconnect the battery terminal and tighten the nut with the wrench.

Video of How to Replace a Sorento Alternator

Good Tips from Video Comments

Many DIYers enjoyed the video above. One saved $550 on labor costs. There were useful tips.

  • If anyone else is doing this on the ground instead of a lift, make sure you jack up the driver's side off the ground as well, or else the wheel on that side won't let the frame drop down low enough.
  • Just an fyi, since you had a hell of a time out the bottom i figured id try the top. Definately the way to go. Pulled ps pump and intake actuator, and belt. Jacked engine up and took top motor mount bolt off to get top alternator bolt. Had alternator out in 20 mins. Hope this helps people
  • just an FYI if you are planning on doing this it is not as easy as it looks and will require some swearing.

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