How to Make a Glasspack Muffler Louder

by Justin Mark

Glasspack mufflers are straight-through flow exhausts that use fiberglass to absorb the noise produced by the exhaust gasses. Over time as the car is used, the fiberglass filling deteriorates. Water vapors created by the exhaust gas cling to the fiberglass while the muffler is still hot. The fiberglass cools down with these water vapors. This repeated cycle causes wear in the fiberglass. This causes the muffler to absorb less noise produced by the exhaust gasses, making the muffler sound louder. Car aficionados, who love the sound of a loud muffler, have taken this principle to the extreme to make their Glasspack mufflers louder.

Start your car and let it run for at least 30 minutes revving up the engine every now and then.

Put the water hose inside the Glasspack muffler.

Turn the water on for about a second then turn the water off. Too much water can cause corrosion in the exhaust system because it will cause a reaction with the exhaust gasses.

Rev the engine every few minutes for another 30 minutes to ensure that all of the water vapors are flushed out of the exhaust system.

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