How to Change the Coolant in a Ford Escape

by Nathaniel Miller

The Ford Escape is a dependable off road vehicle that can deliver kids to soccer just as well as it can tackle a slippery mountain road. One crucial part of your Escape's engine is the cooling system, and unfortunately sometimes this system gets gummed up and needs cleaned. The easiest and fastest way to give your cooling system a "wake up call" is to change the coolant. Changing the coolant is an easy job with the proper tools and a bit of knowledge.

Step 1

Crawl under the front of the Escape and locate the drain plug on the passenger side of the bottom of the radiator. Use the socket set to unscrew the drain plug and allow the coolant to drain into the catch container.

Step 2

Pop the hood and unscrew the cap to the radiator. Put the nozzle of a hose in the radiator and begin spraying water into the coolant system. Do this until all of the coolant has been flushed out of the system.

Step 3

Screw the drain plug back into the bottom of the radiator and then pour a 50/50 mixture of radiator fluid to water into the radiator. Turn the car on and then continue to fill the radiator until the "full" mark is reached in the white overflow reservoir situated behind the radiator.

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