Instructions for the Volvo XC90 Navigation System

by Aram Khayatpour

The navigation system inside of the Volvo XC90 is a helpful device, whether you're maneuvering through confusing city streets or trying to get to a destination in unfamiliar territory. This system allows you to get where you need to go by providing you with turn-by-turn audio directions and vivid color maps. Using this navigation system is relatively easy and just a few simple directions will have you ready to make it to even the most hidden destinations.

Use the navigation controls on the left to highlight the "Set destination" option and press "Enter" on the navigation controls.

Select the "Number" option by using your navigation controls and pressing "Enter." Then enter in the address number of your destination.

Highlight the "Street" option and press "Enter." Then enter in the street name of your destination.

Select the "City" option and enter in the city of your destination.

Highlight the "State" option and press "Enter" on your navigation controls. Then enter in the state of your destination.

Go to the "Start guidance" option and select it to begin the navigation.


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