How to Set the Clock on a Pioneer DEH-P3600 Car Stereo

by Robert Bayly

The Pioneer DEH-P3600 is a midrange offering in Pioneer's popular DEH car stereo lineup. The DEH-P3600 provides the standard 50 watts of power to four speakers, with features such as a 3-band parametric equalizer with four presets and independent front and rear control of the bass and treble. The stereo unit is XM Radio ready and comes with a remote control. Although it's been discontinued for several years, the DEH-P3600 remains a viable option for upgrading your vehicle's stock stereo system.

Step 1

Locate the Source ("SRC-OFF") button at the lower left corner of the DEH-P3600. Press the button until the unit turns off.

Step 2

Locate the Function ("FUNC") button at the upper right corner of the DEH-P3600. Press and hold it until the clock appears.

Step 3

Locate the four directional triangles on the tuner knob next to the function button, pointing up and down, right and left. Use the right and left triangles to move between hours and minutes. Use the up and down triangles to adjust the number of hours and minutes. When done press the "FUNC" button to exit.

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