How to Install a Motor Mount on a Nissan

by Robert Good
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Without motor mounts installed on your Nissan the engine would be thrown around the engine compartment and possibly cause serious damage to the components and the engine. The engine mounts secure the engine to the frame of the Nissan providing a smooth comfortable ride. The engine mounts are located under the Nissan, connected to the frame and the motor. Installing engine mounts on a Nissan is not difficult but the process is time-consuming.

Step 1

Raise the front end of the Nissan with the jack up off of the ground and rest the front end of the Nissan on jack stands. The front end of the Nissan needs to be off of the ground to install motor mounts.

Step 2

Place the jack under the oil pan of the engine. Raise the engine 2 or 3 inches to the take the weight off of the motor mount. The motor mounts are on each side of the engine at the bottom of the engine. the motor mounts are black rubber supports between the engine and the frame.

Step 3

Remove the bolt in the center of the mount. The mount bolt is centered in the middle of the frame. Remove the bolt with the ratchet set. Do this on the left and right mount.

Step 4

Pry the motor mount out of the fitting using the pry bar if the mount will not come out of the fitting by pulling the mount.

Step 5

Insert the new motor mount into the fitting. Hammer the new mount into the fitting if the mount will not slide into the fitting. Replace the bolt and tighten.

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