How to Install a Remote Keyless Entry System in a Car

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Keyless entry systems are becoming one of the most popular features on new cars. It will not be long before they are standard on most vehicles-and with good reason, considering how handy they are. If your car does not have one, or if you would like to install a new one, here is how to install a remote keyless entry system in a car.

Research your vehicle make and model. Every car is different when it comes to how their locks behave. Even the same model with different features can have different installation instructions.

Consult your dealer. Find out which keyless entry systems work best with your car, or how best to get the factory-installed version.

Ask local mechanics. When you have a good relationship with a regular mechanic, chances are he or she will give you advice and direction on which system to buy and how to get it installed.

Build your own. There are instructions available online for how to create your own keyless entry system, but the technical demands are well beyond what most drivers should try to tackle. There are a variety of kits and equipment sets online to make your own keyless entry system with the precise features you want.

Get all your tools prepared before you start installing a remote keyless entry system. Depending on where the installation occurs (in a vacuum pump, in the door handle, under the hood), you will need a variety of different tools to get the job done.

Read the instructions. Almost every keyless entry system has instructions included with it or available for download or order. Read and follow them carefully.


  • check Always check with the dealer or manufacturer to see if the type of system or installation you want to perform will void the warranty of your vehicle.
  • check Test every part of your keyless entry system before you put your car back together in case you need to make changes. Certainly test it before you try to drive the car.


  • close Do not attempt to install a keyless entry system on your car if you do not have adequate experience or knowledge, or at least have somebody around who does to help you.

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