How to Install a Back Glass on a 1957 Chevy BelAir

by John Johnston

If you own a classic car that is over a half-century old, such as the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, it is important that you take care of the vehicle and its components, as parts can be extremely difficult to replace. If the rear window in your Bel Air is damaged, it not only puts your vehicle at risk of being stolen but also could injure passengers or others who are nearby. The glass should be promptly replaced as soon as you become aware that it is broken. This repair is not difficult and will require one to two hours to complete.

Lay a dust sheet over the trunk area of your Bel Air. This will help protect the body and paintwork of your classic car while you perform this repair.

Cut away the rubber trim around the rear window using a knife or single-edge razor blade. Make an incision in the trim and then cut around the window in a clockwise direction until all of the trim is removed from the window.

Get into the back seat of the car and ask a helper to stand on the other side of the rear window to catch the glass. Press the glass away from the frame. Dispose of the damaged glass at your local recycling center.

Use a caulk gun to apply a layer of urethane caulk around the edges of the replacement glass. Lift the window up and set it on the frame of your Bel Air.

Press the edges of the window firmly against the frame to create an initial seal. Allow the window to set in place for 24 hours to ensure a strong seal.

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