How to Replace Sunroof Weatherstrip

by Steve Smith
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Sunroof weatherstripping prevents water leaks into your car's interior. It seals and protects the glass or metal sunroof; without it, your car interior stands exposed to water stains. When weatherstripping degrades or breaks down, replace it to ensure continuous protection. Cracks form inside the rubber after months of exposure to the elements. Replacing this part takes the better part of an hour and requires no special skill.

Step 1

Park the car in a covered area like a garage. Open the sunroof.

Step 2

Remove the metal retainer clips holding the sunroof weatherstrip in place, using a screwdriver or pair of pliers. Most sunroofs use two retainer clips to secure the weatherstripping in place.

Step 3

Pull the weatherstripping out of the groove, completely removing it from the sunroof.

Step 4

Clean the interior groove that held the weatherstripping with a towel and auto cleaner. Apply acetone or a degrease agent to remove stubborn grease.

Step 5

Insert the new weatherstrip into the same groove along the outside of the sunroof. Push the thinner edge into the groove channel at one end, and then work around the edge of the sunroof, pressing the weatherstrip into the channel as you go.

Step 6

Press the retaining clip into place over the weatherstrip and snap the edges under the edge of the sunroof to hold the weatherstrip in place.

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