How to Reset the Sunroof in a Cadillac After Battery Replacement

by Tara Kimball

General Motors equipped some Cadillac models with a power sunroof that relies on the car's battery to function properly. The sunroof motor is programmed to properly respond when you use the controls. This programming may be lost if the battery in the car is disconnected or suffers a power loss. You can reprogram the sunroof in minutes, saving the need for a technician or dealership visit.

Step 1

Close the sunroof.

Step 2

Turn the control knob to "E," and hold it for five seconds.

Step 3

Turn the control knob to "G," and hold it while the sunroof tilts up.

Step 4

Release the knob when the sunroof tilts completely.

Step 5

Return the knob to the "E" position, and hold it until the sunroof closes.

Step 6

Turn the knob to "A," holding it until the sunroof opens all the way.

Step 7

Turn the knob to "E," and close the sunroof to complete the programming process.

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