How to Install a car Starter

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This usually happens when you're running late. You try to start your car and the engine is slow to turn or worse yet, it won't turn at all. Chances are it's time for a new starter. Installing a car starter is not always easy. In fact, it can be difficult and time consuming but following these steps can help you do the job yourself.

Gather everything you will need to install your car starter before you begin, including various size wrenches, sockets, a screwdriver and pliers.

Remove the negative cable from your car's battery.

Put your car on ramps or jack up its front end and hold it up with jack stands. Keep you car immobile by blocking its rear wheels with chocks.

Locate the starter on the driver's side near the manifold. Remove the positive and negative wires and mark the connections so you can reconnect them to the correct terminals later.

Get rid of the starter cable that leads to the battery, all wires affixed to the solenoid and any brackets supporting the starter.

Detach the top bolt with an open face or socket wrench. Grab the starter with one hand and detach the bottom bolt. Now you can unfasten the starter from the chassis.

Take the starter out and place it the new starter's box to ensure you receive your core deposit.

Install your new car starter by reversing the order of Steps 4 through 6.

Connect battery cables and all other wires.

Check to see if your starter is working properly.


  • check Refer to the starter manual for the correct torque.
  • check Be sure your vehicle is supported properly before you begin working.
  • check Exercise caution when lifting the starter. It is heavier than it appears.
  • check Illuminate your workspace by dropping a work light between your car's starter and radiator.

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