How to Install a Bike Rack on a Minivan

by Breann Kanobi

Traditional automobile bicycle racks attach to the trunk or the front of a car. Since minivan trunks are much taller than traditional automobile trunks, minivans require special bike racks for rear-mounting. A bike rack allows you to bring your bike with you every time you drive. This proves especially useful for people who don't live near bike paths or parks. Use your bike rack to haul your bike to the nearest state park and ride the trails.


Loosen the "hubs" of the bike rack and pull the tubes of the bike rack open until the bike rack is fully extended.


Place the rack frame on your minivan. The bicycle arms should be parallel to the ground and the upper pads should rest on the glass portion of your minivan's trunk.


Tighten the bike rack by adjusting the "hubs." Most hubs contain levers you can switch to a locked or unlocked position. Flip levers to the locked position to tighten the bike rack.


Attach the straps to your trunk. Attach the two highest straps to the top of the trunk's opening by placing the hooks in the trunk's hinge. Tug gently on the straps to tighten. Attach the lower straps to the bottom of the trunk. Place the hooks on the bottom of the trunk's door. Tug gently to tighten.


  • close Check the bike rack's weight limit before adding bicycles.

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