My Impala Key Won't Turn

by MayankJ
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The Chevy Impala, like most cars, has problems that can be frustrating. When the key does not turn, the car cannot start, so the problem must be fixed or dealt with as soon as possible. There are a variety of reasons that the key might stick, ranging from needed replacement parts to a soiled key, but most options for fixing the problem do not require professional services.

Step 1

Jiggle the steering wheel slightly while trying to turn the key. When the key does not turn in the ignition, the ignition switch might be stuck or locked and the movement of the steering wheel will help loosen anything that is making the key stick.

Step 2

Jiggle the key slightly in the opposite direction that you would use for ignition and then try turning it properly again. If locked or stuck, the slight movement will help unlock it.

Step 3

Feel for anything sticky on the key. Anything that gets on the key itself might interfere with the way the keyhole reads the key. If anything is on the key, clean the key, dry it and try again.

Step 4

Replace the cylinder. If jiggling the key and cleaning off the key do not work, the cylinder needs replacing. Take the vehicle to a mechanic and replace it. They can obtain the appropriate part for your specific year Impala and install it.

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