How to Reset a Security System on a Saturn Ion

by Robert Tomashek

In the past you had to rely on aftermarket alarms to prevent vehicle theft and break-ins. But most of today's vehicles come equipped with an anti-theft system that is integrated into the vehicle's computers. The 2007 Saturn Ion is one of them. The Ion uses two systems that provide different functions, but for the same purpose: to prevent theft.

Content Theft Deterrent

Step 1

The Ion uses a passive alarm system that arm when you exit the vehicle and lock the doors with the keyless remote. If at any time the doors are opened without the use of the remote or the keys the alarm will sound. This is to prevent the theft of contents within the car.

Step 2

The PASSKEY system uses an exciter coil located inside the key lock tumbler that detects the correct key being inserted and turned to start the car. When the correct key is turned in the cylinder it sends a signal to the computer which will then allow the fuel injectors to function. If the wrong key is used or if the system is tampered with, the car will not start.

Step 3

Resetting the PASSKEY can be necessary at times if the programming in the module becomes corrupted or if a new key and key cylinder are installed. To reset the system, get in the car and shut the door. Turn the key on to the "Run" position without cranking the engine. Leave the key there for exactly 10 minutes. Turn the key to the off position without removing it and back to "Run" for 10 more minutes. Turn the key off again and back to "Run" for 10 minutes a third. Turn the key off and then attempt to start the engine. This is known as the "30-minute relearn."

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