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How to Fix a Broken Sunroof

by Contributor

Repairing a sunroof is a task that may or may not work, so it may be best to replace it, if it is broken. Follow these steps to fix or repair your broken sunroof.

Choose the model sunroof you want. Before starting the project, make sure all the parts are in your manufactured sunroof repair kit.

Place the template from the sunroof kit on the roof exterior of your car. See if it matches the hole from the broken sunroof. This is to help you visualize your work. Read the directions that come with your repair kit.

Take the sunroof panel from your car. Test the parts to see if they work one at a time. Inspect the sunroof thoroughly so you find all the parts that need replacement.

Determine what is wrong with your broken sunroof by using a 4 mm hex socket to crank the sunroof open as you find the areas in need of repair. You can open the sunroof manually with the assembly on or off.

Decide if you want to slide the sunroof headliner piece back or not. If you move the headliner back, you will not be able to open the sunroof completely.

Remove your broken sunroof once you find the parts that need to be replaced. It will be easier if you fix the broken parts without constraints.

Reinstall the fixed sunroof. You will have to make adjustments to the sunroof as you fit it back into the roof exterior.

Inspect the seal of the sunroof for leaks. The best way to do this is with some warm water. Test areas slowly, and do not douse the sunroof. Go slow and check for leaks without causing damage to the interior of your car.


  • Use a nonammonia-based glass cleaner and clean the glass in your sunroof regularly.
  • Wash the rubber gasket of your sunroof regularly with warm soapy water and then rinse it completely.
  • Keep the rubber gasket soft and pliable by conditioning it with a silicon-based lubricant.


  • Do not use petroleum-based lubricants on the rubber gasket of the sunroof. Petroleum will make the rubber gasket sticky, causing it to stick to the glass.
  • Make sure the black metal frame does not get wax buildup. Keep this area clean with warm soapy water. Do not use alcohol-based solutions.

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