How to Fill Out the Auto Transfer of Title in California

by Jamie Lisse

If you have an automobile that is titled and registered in California, there are specific procedures to follow when you sell it. One of the steps is transferring the title from your name to that of the new owner. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the office that processes all auto title transfer requests in the state. There is no fee involved in the transfer.


Obtain the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability form from the California DMV website (see Resources).


Enter in the name and address of both the new owner and the current owner. List the odometer reading of the auto at the time of transfer, the sales price, the vehicle make and model, license plate number and VIN.


Mail the completed form to the California DMV. The address, which is on the form, is Department of Motor Vehicles, Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability, P.O. Box 942859, Sacramento, CA 94259-0001.


  • check The California DMV recommends that you make a copy of the form to keep for your records before sending it in.
  • check The Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability form can also be completed online at the California DMV website.

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