How to Check on a Title in the State of Texas

by Holden Reilly
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The title is one of the most important documents that comes with owning a car. The title serves as a proof of ownership, and is used to research the history of the car. All business pertaining to titles is done through the DMV in the state of Texas. All information listed on the title -- such as vehicle ownership and sales history -- is usually accessible with the help of the DMV.

Step 1

Locate the Texas DMV in your area. Access the Texas DMV website to search for local offices by county. Contact the office with your request about information on a title. All correspondence is usually done via email, regular mail or in person.

Step 2

Complete and return a VTR-275 form, the official application for information on a title. Access to title information is restricted to certain members of the general public under 2011 Texas law. You must prove that you are the owner of the car, possess written authorization from the owner or access the title by meeting other requirements found on the application. Other required information is the Texas license plate number of the vehicle, year, make, VIN and title document number. You must provide a form of government-issued photo identification.

Step 3

Pay the application fee. The amount varies based on what information you request, but must be paid by check or credit card. Cash is not accepted as a form of payment.

Step 4

Allow up to two weeks for a response. You will either be denied your request -- or given the information on the title -- after the waiting period expires.

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