Dodge RAM Fan Clutch Removal

by Will Chandler
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A fan clutch is a coupling device that is located between the fan and the water pump housing of your vehicle. The fan clutch on a Dodge is secured to the fan by four, 1/2-inch bolts that go through the fan from the outside and into the fan clutch. Replacing the fan clutch can be done in about an hour and only requires a few hand tools and one specialty tool.

Fan Clutch Replacement

Replacing the fan clutch begins at the battery. You need to have an open-ended wrench set and a socket set. You can use either one to remove the power wire from the battery. Always disconnect the power source from any vehicle before you begin any work. The bolts that hold the fan to the clutch need to be removed. Use a ratchet and socket or an open-ended wrench to loosen the 1/2-inch bolts. Late-model Dodge trucks use 9/16-inch bolts to secure the fan clutch. Once the bolts have been loosened and removed, pull off the fan and set it aside. The fan clutch will be fully exposed now and be fairly difficult to get off the water pump housing without a special wrench. The wrench holds the fan clutch still while removing the center bolt that holds the fan clutch to the shaft. Once the single bolt is removed, the fan clutch can be removed. The installation process is the exact opposite of the removal. Clean the bare water housing shaft once the clutch has been removed. A shop cloth or cotton rag will be fine for cleaning. Install the new fan cloth onto the shaft and use the fan clutch wrench to hold the clutch still while tightening down the clutch nut. Attach the fan to the new clutch and insert the fan bolts into the clutch. Tighten down the bolts with a socket or open-ended wrench.


A good set of sockets and wrenches is a must-have for any mechanical work. The specialty wrench can be rented or purchased from any auto parts store, and if you decide to buy one, they can be purchased for about $10 to $15.

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