Pontiac Montana Transmission Problems

by Anthony Faccenda
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Introduced in 1997, the Pontiac Montana was a minivan manufactured by General Motors. Despite initial popularity, the Montana was discontinued in 2006 due to decreasing sales. During its availability, the Montana suffered from numerous mechanical problems, one of which was transmission issues.


Pontiac Technical Service Bulletins indicate that a commonly reported trouble spot on 2000-2004 Montana models is transmission failure. Numerous drivers reported that the Montana's transmission failed, resulting in the vehicle becoming inoperable. Transmission failure occurred while driving the Montana and when attempting to start the ignition. Symptoms of a failing transmission include leakage and slippage.

Shifting Problems

Aside from failure, Montana drivers also report numerous cases of shifting problems. Technical Service Bulletins indicate that the Montana's transmission may slip out of gear or may "shudder" when attempting to shift gears. One particular trouble spot is the Montana's failure to downshift during deceleration.


About Automobile indicates that the average cost to replace a Pontiac Montana transmission is estimated at $2000-$2800 for parts and labor. To fix shifting problems, MSN Auto indicates that the Montana's torque converter should be replaced. The estimated cost of a new torque converter is $350 for parts and labor.

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