Saturn Vue Problems

by Dennis Hartman
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The Saturn Vue was a compact crossover SUV produced by American automaker General Motors for the 2002 to 2010 model years. Despite good overall safety and reliability ratings, several common problems have been associated with different versions of the Vue. For owners and potential buyers, it is important to understand these problems.

Electrical Problems

Some of the most common problems with the Saturn Vue involve the electrical system. In many cases drivers have experienced problems with the dashboard gauges, including the fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge, which may display incorrect information or fail to function at all. This problem can be a result of an electrical problem elsewhere in the vehicle and can be difficult to diagnose. Other electrical problems with the Vue involve short battery life and failure of the tire pressure monitoring system.


Another common issue with the Vue involves the transmission. The vast majority of the models were built with automatic transmissions. Owners have reported problems with transmissions that slip between gears or produce excessive noise when shifting. In other cases, transmissions may seem to function properly but are found to be faulty after the driver experiences long-term decreased fuel economy. The Vue's transmission is covered by Saturn's powertrain warranty. In cases of relatively new vehicles, many repairs can be made at no cost to the owner.


Since its first production run, the Saturn Vue has been the subject of several recalls by General Motors. A 2008 recall involved 40,000 models with leaking power steering hoses. Another 2008 recall included 26 Vues and dealt with a problem in the manufacturing of transmission components. The problem made it possible for the six-speed automatic transmission to slip out of its park gear, allowing the vehicle to roll unexpectedly.

Safety Recalls

Other Vue recalls have dealt with problems involving safety equipment. In 2009 more than 44,000 vehicles were recalled to fix a problem involving faulty door latches. A 2003 Vue recall was initiated to replace misprinted tire and load rating labels on more than 6,000 vehicles. Some of the earliest Vue models were recalled in 2001 when more than 300 vehicles were found to have a problem with the installation of the rear seat belts. New shoulder guidance components were installed to comply with federal safety standards.

General Problems

Several other problems with the Saturn Vue are subjective and deal with general shortcomings. Many owners have complained about the Vue's interior, which has been criticized as containing low-quality materials. Some drivers have also cited the Vue's lack of ergonomics, including a lack of leg room in some seating positions, cup holders that are difficult to reach and inadequate storage space. Vue owners have also complained of excessive noise when driving at high speeds and large blind spots when looking into the side mirrors.

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