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Mercury Mariner Transmission Problems

by Anthony Faccenda

Introduced in 2005, the Mercury Mariner was a crossover SUV available in front-wheel and four-wheel drive. In 2010, production on the Mariner ceased when Ford ended production on the Mercury brand. Although the Mariner was a sporty and compact SUV, it experienced numerous automatic transmission problems throughout its existence.


Mariner owners on About Automobile reported cases of transmission slippage, which causes the clutch to slip while driving. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Technical Service Bulletins indicate that several of these cases resulted from an unidentified transmission defect. Transmission slippage is especially prevalent in the 2006 and 2008 models.


TSBs also indicate that numerous Mariner models suffer from transmission leakage, mainly originating from the transmission cooling line. The NHTSA concluded that several 2008 Mariner transmission cooling units were defective.


Several Mariner owners indicated that their slipping transmission required replacing the old transmission, which cost an estimated $2,035 for parts and labor. The cost to replace transmission cooler lines is approximately $30 to $50 for parts, not including labor.

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