Trooper Transmission Problems

by Horacio Garcia

Isuzu has not produced the Trooper since 2002, and the manufacturer has made only a few recalls on this automobile. Several Trooper owners have complained about transmission problems, according to Edmunds. These transmission complaints deal with everything from complete transmission failure to a more minor problem with the transmission fluid.

Transmission Slipping

Edmunds reports that some Trooper owners have had problems with the transmission slipping. Though Isuzu has not issued a recall for this problem as of 2010, Edmunds attributes the slipping to the transmission bands wearing inside the Trooper. The transmission bands sit on the inside of the transmission; each gear has a band that holds it in place as the driver shifts into another gear. Worn bands can cause the Trooper's transmission to slip.

Low Transmission Fluid

Many transmission problems in the Isuzu Trooper are attributed to low transmission fluid, with reports indicating that a leaky valve could be the problem. A Trooper can slip gears, jerk when gears are shifted or not let the Isuzu move at all. The Trooper owner needs to check the transmission fluid level. The transmission fluid level dipstick, with lines indicating level, is located under the hood. These lines show whether the transmission fluid level is low or at an acceptable level. The Isuzu owner must add transmission fluid when the level falls below the top line of the dipstick, but he is warned against adding fluid in excess of the top line.

Transmission Failure

Isuzu Trooper owners have complained about transmission failure attributable to overheating of the unit due to its being operated with a clogged transmission filter. The transmission filter collects most of the debris made by wear of the gears. Once the filter becomes clogged with transmission debris, it does not allow the flow of clean transmission fluid inside the gears. The gears begin to create more friction causing the transmission to run hotter. The Trooper owner can see this overheating development on the dipstick of the transmission fluid, as the fluid will smell burned, or small particles will be visible in the fluid.

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