Would Excessive Transmission Fluid Cause Slipping?

by Marcus Baker
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Transmission fluid provides the necessary lubrication a vehicle's transmission needs to function properly. The performance of an automobile's transmission is directly affected by transmission fluid levels.

Too Much

An excessive amount of transmission fluid can negatively affect a transmission. When fluid levels are too great, it can result in air mixing in with the transmission fluid. This can cause slipping in a transmission as well as other gear-shifting issues.

Too Little

When transmission fluid levels are too low, this can also be damaging to a transmission. It can slip or be slow to engage when not enough fluid has been added. Keep the fluid levels between the Full and Add section of your transmission's dipstick.

Check Levels

Because a transmission should be hot when performing fluid level checks, a vehicle should be put in park and left idling during this process. If everything is fine, you won't get a low-level fluid reading because transmissions don't consume fluid during operation. A low level reading often indicates a leak.

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