Common Ford Truck Transmission Problems

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In general, Ford truck transmissions are capable of lasting up to 60,000 miles before any complications arise. Depending on whether you're using the truck for heavy-duty activity, such as hauling large equipment, transmission issues can occur before then.

Low Transmission Fluid

One of the common problems of a Ford truck transmission is that the transmission fluid can get low very easily. Determining if a lack of transmission fluid is an issue can be done by looking at the transmission's dipstick to see if it is discolored of if there is any debris. If such conditions are left unattended for too long, shifting gears will become noticeably more laborious as your transmission starts to wear down.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

In some cases, regardless of whether there is sufficient transmission fluid, the transmission of a Ford truck can simply be too strained after frequent use for the gears to shift seamlessly and without great effort. When this starts to become a chronic issue, the transmission typically needs to be replaced.

Computer-Run Transmissions

Numerous makes of the Ford truck have a computer-run transmission. These types of transmissions, often semiautomatic, are designed to maximize the ease with which the driver is able to accelerate and shift gears. Sometimes, however, the computer can be faulty or short-circuit, resulting in complications with the transmission.

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