How Hard is it to Rebuild an Automatic Transmission?

by Marcus Baker
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When an automatic transmission is working properly, it allows a driver to move a car or truck forward or backward by simply shifting a lever from one position to another. However, an automatic transmission can go bad and experience problems such as slipping or locking up in one gear. When this happens, an understanding of the challenge of rebuilding an automatic transmission can come in handy to auto owners.

Difficulty Level

Rebuilding an automatic transmission is generally regarded as a difficult undertaking because the repair shop must be familiar with your specific type of transmission. Automatic transmissions vary widely from one vehicle to the next and each requires totally different parts and tools to rebuild. For this reason, many repair shops will not take on the job of rebuilding an automatic transmission.


If you have trouble finding a shop with specific knowledge of your transmission, many repair shops will offer a simple solution to this problem. Instead of rebuilding your transmission, the shop can swap out your old unit for one that has already been rebuilt by the supplier.

Rebuild Versus Replace

One factor adding to the difficulty of rebuilding an automatic transmission is that it takes a considerable amount of time to tear down the transmission just to troubleshoot for problems. Consequently, serious problems with a transmission will often lead to a shop recommending replacement rather than rebuilding.

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