Infiniti G35 Transmission Problems

by Anthony Faccenda
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The Infiniti G35 was introduced in 2003; it was a mid-size luxury car available in coupe and sedan models. reports that the G35 helped Infiniti regain a share of the luxury-market through its unique styling, interior room and sporty performance.


Infiniti technical service bulletins report that one issue with the G35's transmission is its transmission control module. The TCM -- along with the powertrain control module -- controls the transmission through the use of computer sensors. An illuminated, check-engine light may indicate a failing TCM.

Harsh Shifts

Technical service bulletins indicate that an issue with the G35 automatic transmission is harsh shifting; this is indicated by diagnostic trouble codes "P1710" and "P1716." The most common cause of harsh shifting is low transmission fluid. If replenishing the transmission fluid does not help, a transmission leak might be the culprit.

Transmission Range Switch

Technical service bulletins report that a common, manual-transmission diagnostic code with the G35 is "P1702." This represents the transmission-range circuit. The transmission-range switch tells the TCM which gear the driver selects. If gear selections are not corresponding with the transmission's actions, the fault is likely with a transmission-range switch.

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