Toyota Matrix Automatic Transmission Problems

by Farrah Jean

Toyota Matrix models from its launch in 2003 through 2009 have been plagued by transmission issues. Issues have been discovered in the manual and automatic speed transmissions.


Matrix's automatic transmission is a standard all four wheel drive. This device through various gear combinations allows your vehicle to shift smoothly and your engine to run efficiently.

Transmission Issues

Matrix owners have reported excessive noise and knocking from the transmission when accelerated. They also have complained of erratic shifting and/or whining noises from the floor board, as well as hesitation during shifts. These issues could be due to manufacturer defect or poor maintenance.


Owners should contact their Toyota Dealer's Service Department as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis of the issue. Make sure that you follow your Matrix's maintenance schedule for transmission fluid changes. Should your transmission be defective and it is under warranty, the repairs will be at no cost to you. As of 2011, the cost of replacement for a Toyota Matrix Transmission including parts and labor is approximately $2000.

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